Our Story

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How it all started...

How do I even start to tell this? I will start with this statement “If I ever write a book, it will be called how NOT to start a church.” It all started in our Worship Leader’s garage one Saturday. I asked him what he was supposed to be doing and he said leading worship. He asked me the same question and I said preaching. So we simply decided to look for a space that was free and available for us to have a handful of friends join us for a church service. We met at 1:30pm on a Sunday afternoon in July of 2009 at a friend’s church called New Destiny Pentecostal. After the service, everyone wanted to know when we were going to meet again. Someone was gracious enough to donate $100 for us to rent the American Legion building for a few hours, so we did. The next Sunday service was great, but it was obvious that they had quite the fish fry the night before. From then on it really just organically morphed into us trying another week and then another. Around two months in we felt 100% (maybe 95%) that God was calling us to start a new Church. For the next two plus years we bounced around and met in over 12 different places. There were Saturday evenings where I still had no idea where we were going to meet the next morning. As soon as a place was secured for the next morning and we made a quick post to social media, it seemed people kept showing  up. A few folks adopted the saying, “we cant wait to see you next week….. if you can find us.”
We were kicked out of more places than you can even imagine! The reasons ranged from school board rules, city zoning laws, and of course, someone outbidding us for the rental space. After all the moves, I was still amazed that we were still a church. I knew that it was God holding and molding all the pieces together. We finally landed in a place where we knew we could meet every week. We rented a Seventh Day Adventists church. They used the building most of the day on Saturday and they allowed us to come in on Saturday night to set up for our service on Sunday morning. We had some very exciting years there, and saw God change the lives of so many people in this location.
There finally came a time where we started to look for our own property to purchase. We lost a long term lease that was larger than our current needs, but was in a very good location. The location put that property at the very top of our budget. Within just a few months we had the opportunity to purchase a pre-existing church just outside of town, but we were outbid by much deeper pockets. These were two tough losses, but God had the perfect spot in mind for us.
When the Covid lockdown began we were prohibited from going on the Seventh Day Adventist property. So we did like everyone else; we simply live streamed our services and did everything we could to stay connected. Initially, we were streaming from the lobby of Wave Church on Firetower Rd. To be honest, it was quite a blessing not having to set up and tear down our equipment every week. Did I mention that just a couple of years prior, Wave Church bought the 2600 East Firetower Rd property from New Destiny, the first place we gathered nearly 12 years before.
While we rented from Wave Church, God continued to provide for our every need and people began to slowly start attending in person again. Knowing that Wave Church was restructuring, we began talks with them about possibly purchasing the property. In June of 2021, because of God’s provision, we purchased our first property. It’s crazy to see how God brought us around full circle to purchase the same place we first met in. It’s amazing that God brought us to and through some incredibly trying times. I would even say “Impossible”! However, I’m glad that God specializes in doing the impossible. Thank you for reading our story.

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Sunday at 10:00 am.
2600 East Firetower Road, Greenville, NC 27858